About School Performances and FAQ's

Our educational field trips feature one-hour school performances that represent a global spectrum of cultural art forms.

Tickets are only $3.50-$5.00 for 2014-2015 School Year Ordway Education school performances including the 2015 Flint Hills International Children's Festival!

Bus reimbursements are available for all schools!

These weekday matinee performances are especially designed for students in kindergarten through twelfth grades. 

Ordway welcomes all public, private, charter, and homeschools to Performing Arts Classrooms and Flint Hills International Children's Festival performances. Ordway is proud to be the number-one cultural destination for Minneapolis and Saint Paul public school students for over ten years!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please include all students, teachers, and chaperons in your tickets order.
  • Be sure to order buses to arrive at the Ordway 15-20 minutes prior to your performance start time.
  • Performances are approximately 50-60 minutes long unless otherwise noted in the brochure. Plan bus pick-up time accordingly.
  • Please be aware of your bus number so the Ordway staff can better direct you once the performance is over. 
  • Inform students that there is no food, drink, or gum allowed in the theater.
  • Remember to turn off all cell phones, pagers, or electronic devices before the performance begins.
  • Study guides should be received 3-4 weeks prior to the performance and will also be posted online >>>

  • Performances are general admission; groups will be seated by seating chart upon arrival.  
  • Seating is determined by many factors at the Ordway.  We take into consideration special needs, group size, and grade level.
  • Please allow ushers to seat your entire group, then you can rearrange students, and take groups to the bathroom, etc.
In the theater:
  • In case there is a medical emergency notify the nearest usher who will call the paramedic on duty. 
  • If an item is lost while your group is still at the Ordway please see an usher.  If your group is no longer at the Ordway please contact the Stage Door at 651-282-3070.
  • The Ordway ushers will do their best to keep disruptive students under control, but please notify an usher if you see a student being disruptive. 
  • Dismissal is determined by seating arrangement and will not necessarily reflect the order that buses are lined up outside
  • The Ordway staff will be stationed outside with bus order lists to help you find your buses.  Often we have multiple buses for one school: therefore, please remember your bus number.

  • Please return the evaluation in the back of the study guides.  Any comments and suggestions are appreciated.  We strive to make your experience at Ordway the best it can be!

If you have any additional questions, please call the education hotline at 651-282-3115 or e-mail educationsales@ordway.org